38 Condos Planned for Marpole Site

Kunyuan International has sent a rezoning application for a 16,143 SF website at 8804 Osler St, just West of Oak Street and Marine Drive. The site sits in the exact same block as another apartment job presently under building and construction fronting Marine Drive, 8888 Osler. The site is presently improved with an older two-storey strip industrial building.

The proposition is to enable the development of a 6-storey woodframe condo building. The zoning would alter from MC-1 (Industrial) District to CD-1 (Comprehensive Development) District. This proposal includes:

38 condo units;
16 one-bedrooms, 15 two-bedrooms, 8 three-bedrooms;
7,018 SF of ground flooring retail space;
A total density of 3.05 FSR;

A building height of 80 ft.;
59 car parking areas and 91 bike parking areas.

The application is being thought about under the Marpole Community Plan.

The architect for the task is DA Architects & & Planners.