14-Storey Mixed Use Building Planned for Cambie & West 41st Corner

PCI acquired the uninhabited former gas station website from Coromandel residential or commercial properties in 2015 for $40 Million.

PCI Group has sent a rezoning application for 495 West 41st Avenue at the Northeast corner of Cambie and West 41st Avenue.

The proposition is to enable the development of a 14-storey mixed-use structure with a roof facility space. The proposal consists of:

112 market rentals;
60 one-bedrooms, 50 two-bedrooms & & 2 three-bedroom systems;
12,625 SF of workplace;
7,065 SF TD Bank;
A total density of 6.59 FSR;

The designer for the task is Perkins & & Will.

A structure height of 150 ft.;
64 automobile parking areas and 202 bike parking spaces

The application is being considered under the Cambie Corridor Plan.