Increased Height & Density Pitched for Ashley Mar Co-Op Redevelopment

Intracorp has submitted a revised rezoning application for the Ashley Mar Co-op website 8460 Ash Street in the Marpole area of Vancouver.

Their original rezoning application from 2019 pictured three towers at 15, 24, 27 floors and consisted of 457 rentals.

The brand-new application proposes increased tower heights, density and more units in exchange for increased setbacks along Ash Street to enable improved tree retention. The proposal now includes:

The application is being considered under the Marpole Community Plan and the Ashley Mar Issues Report (February 11, 2020).

Three towers at 16, 27 and 31 storeys;
1-for-1 replacement of the existing 54 Ashley Mar Housing Co-operative units;
71 extra non-market housing systems;
524 secured market rental systems;
1 commercial-retail system;
An overall density of 8.21 FSR (up from 7.54 FSR).
A max structure height of 304 ft. (up from 267 feet);.
195 automobile parking areas and 1,297 bike parking spaces.